About 360Fashion Network

360Fashion Network is dedicated to building a bridge between fashion and technology. Our mission is to empower the fashion industry with affordable, cutting edge technology. We have have 15+ years experience in integrating technology into fashion events, products, and building hardware/software solutions for our clients. 360Fashion Network has cooperated with INTEL, IBM, NOKIA, AMAZON, SAMSUNG, HP, BESTSELLER, VERO MODA, and government organizations such as CHIC Fashion Expo, China National Garment Association, Goethe Institute, Alliance France, and more. Our latest project is the 360Fashion VR Maze Game, a game dedicated to bring more diversity and inclusion into immersive experiences. 360Fashion is lead by fashion technologist, Anina Net, who is on a mission to help the fashion industry's digital transformation. www.360fashion.net

About Anina Net

With a background as an international top model, and a family of computer engineers, Anina has emerged as an innovative fashion technologist for the last 15 years. She has cooperated with Nokia, Samsung, Intel, IBM and many more to apply the latest technologies to the fashion industry. Executive producer of the largest fashion tech events in China together with the China National Garment Association to show the industry the future of fashion, Anina brings fashion, industry, and startups together to lead the race to connected clothing. She runs the 360Fashion tech lab where she pushes the limits of Augmented Reality, Digital Fashion, Wearable Tech, and Virtual Reality. Anina recently launched a line of tech enabled fashion products for women who travel featured in Target Open House in San Francisco, Bloomingdale's FiSF, and showcased 15 robotic dresses and smart clothing at NYFW, LAFW, and is featured in the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. Anina is passionate about helping women learn how to integrate electronics to create cutting edge fashion tech products. www.anina.net